Norwegian choirs

  1. Den Norske Studentersangforening (DNS)
  2. Det Norske Mannskor av 1995
  3. Kvindelige Studenters Sangforening
  4. Stavanger Studentsangforening
  5. Studentersangforeningen i Bergen
  6. Tromsö Akademiske Kvinnekor
  7. Trondhjems Kvinnelige Studentersangforening (TKS)
  8. Trondhjems studentersangforening (TSS)

Den Norske Studentersangforening (DNS)

Det Norske Mannskor av 1995

DNM95 framfor Skihytta 17 mai 2012 stort bilde

The  Norwegian  Male Choir of  1995 (DNM95)  is  a  classic  academic  male  choir based  in  the Tromsø Student society Driv and UiT –  The Arctic University of Norway (Tromsø).  The singers, dressed in  their tails are known for their charming performances which are always made with style and good sense of  humor.  Our repetoire is  based on  the  Scandinavian student singer tradition which we share with our  brothers in the male choirs of  the Nordic  universities, and  our motto comes from the ultimate student song  throughout all times:  Gaudeamus  igitur,  juvenes dum sumus – let  us be joyful while  we  are  young!

Hanne-Sofie Akselsen has conducted the choir since 1999.

Kvindelige Studenters Sangforening


Kvindelige Studenters Sangforening (KSS) was founded in 1895 and is the official female choir of the University of Oslo. Despite the advanced age, KSS is a young choir consisting of approximately 45 singers. As the world’s oldest academic female choir, KSS has played an important part in relation to the University and the women’s cause. Furthermore, KSS has been central in the lives of hundreds of choir-sisters who have been a part of and participated in this great musical community throughout the years.
KSS is proud of its traditions and embrace them, both old and new. Every year on Norway’s National Holiday, the 17th of May, KSS sings by the statue of Camilla Collett. We also perform at University ceremonies on a regular basis. One of our more recent traditions is the early morning concert on Saint Lucy’s Day in Oslo Cathedral, a concert which has also become an important tradition for our audience who return every year. The money from the ticket sale is donated to the Norwegian Refugee Council.

During recent years, KSS has participated in many competitions, both domestic and abroad. In October 2011, we represented Norway and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in the international choir competition ‘Let the peoples sing’, where we came in at third place. In 2012, KSS won category ‘A+’ in the competition ‘Syng for oss’ (sing for us) in Bergen. In the Norwegian Championship, KSS won the category ‘equal voices’ with the highest score in the competition: 28,33/30 points, as well as placing second in the Grand Final. In addition, KSS’s music video ‘Folkefrelsar’ placed second in European Choral Video Award. However, KSS’s competitive history reached a highlight in 2015, when we placed first in the Grand Prix of Nations at the European Choir Games in the categories for Mixed, female and male choirs and Folklore! The results from European Choir Games 2015 ranked KSS at 1st place on Interkulturs world ranking of female choirs!

In cooperation with the record company LAWO Classics, KSS has recorded two CD’s during the past couple of years. In 2009, a Christmas CD, ‘Arme jord ha jolefred’, was released receiving great reviews. In addition, ‘Brahms’, a collection of Johannes Brahms compositions for female choirs, was released in 2013. We will release a CD with Norwegian, modern contemporary music in October 2017, and another with Norwegian classical- and folkmusic in the spring 2018. KSS is an ambitious choir that also considers the social aspects of choir singing to be very important. Although being serious about our music, traditions, competitions and concerts, we focus on social activities and events that contribute to the creation of friendships among the members of the choir. KSS is not only a choir with a long history, it is a choir consisting of an amazing group of women who know how to have fun while creating music!

Stavanger Studentsangforening

Studentersangforeningen i Bergen


Studentersangforeningen i Bergen – aka Bergen Academic Male Voice Chorus – started in 1935 after an initiative of the then newly formed Student Association in Bergen. This means the chorus is in fact ten years older than its university. As an official representation choir for the University of Bergen, Studentersangforeningen i Bergen maintains a close relationship with the university, the student association and with the variety of other student choirs in Bergen.

The chorus is also a beloved actor on the Bergen cultural scene, and this year’s constitution day concert will be the 62th in a row. Studentersangforeningen i Bergen has also regularly the pleasure of representing the City of Bergen at various cultural events, in particular at the Hanseatic Days of the modern time.

The chorus counts currently a little above 50 active singers, whereof around two thirds have found the opportunity to travel to Oulu and the NSSS 2017. Conductor is Tore Johannessen, who has led the chorus the past 29 years.

Tromsö Akademiske Kvinnekor

Tromsö Akademiske Kvinnekor

Tromsø Akademiske Kvinnekor (TAKk) was founded in the spring of 2010 by a gang of intrepid women (and man) who wanted a choir for ladies affiliated with the University of Tromsø or academia in general. The choir quickly became a part of the Nordic academic choir movement, alongside our brother-choir, Det Norske Mannskor av 1995. As of 2017 we sport a healthy roster of 35 voices.

TAKk specializes in music written by and for women, including – but not limited to – 50s housewife-pop, classical motetts, Estonian lullabyes and flirtatious Bulgarian tunes.

Trondhjems Kvinnelige Studentersangforening (TKS)


Trondhjems Kvinnelige Studentersangforening (The female student choir of Trondhjem) was founded in 1930 as one of Norway’s first female choirs. The choir consisted of 25-30 students and academics, and the repertoire consisted of classical music and student songs. In 1934 only one woman graduated from the university in Trondheim. Few women in higher education naturally made the recruitment challenging. In 1938 TKS were allowed to become members of the student society in Trondhjem which previously had been only for men.

Thanks to passionate members the choir persisted and developed, and since the 1970´s the number of members has been stable with about 80 singers at all times. Today, recruitment is high and TKS has a high activity level with three-four concerts every year and trips both abroad and in Norway. Even though the repertoire is varied classical music and student songs is still a well kept tradition.

Trondhjems studentersangforening (TSS)