Gala concert

Sat 6th May, at 17.00
Location: Ouluhalli (map)
Tickets 24/17 €
Tickets available online at Ticketmaster Finland
Tickets without dispatching costs at Oulu10 Service Point  and  Culture Centre Valve Ticket Office


Photo: NSSS 2014 gala consert at Tarto, Gabriela Liivamägi

About the concert

The culmination of NSSS 2017 will be the gala concert. The Ouluhalli stage will hold all the participating choirs and the Oulu Symphony Orchestra for a unique concert. The concert will be conducted by the artistic director of Oulu Music Festival, Jaakko Kuusisto. The concert’s highlight will be a special piece written by Jussi Chydenius to the poems of Eino Leino, most highly respected national poet of Finland. In addition, the choir and orchestra will perform Finnish and Nordic music spanning over a hundred years. The gala concert is part of the Finland’s centenary year programme. Read more about the Finland’s centenary year 2017 here.

The programme of the concert:

Jean Sibelius (1865–1957): Nocturne from King Christian II op. 27 (1898)

Edvard Grieg (1843–1907): Sangerhilsen EG 170 (1883)
Lyr. Sigvald Skavlan

Leevi Madetoja (1887–1947): Valkeat kaupungit op. 8/5, nro 5 (1909)
Lyr. V. A. Koskenniemi (1908)

Jean Sibelius (1865–1957): Oma maa op. 92 cantata for mixed chorus and orchestra (1918) Lyr. Samuli Kustaa Bergh (1834)

Einojuhani Rautavaara (1928–2016): Lähtö op. 86a (1975)
Lyr. Toivo Pekkanen (1955)

Mia Makaroff (1970–): Hvem styrde hit din väg op. 90
Lyr. Johan Ludvig Runeberg

Aulis Sallinen (1935–): Onko Suomessa kevät? from the opera Punainen viiva (The Red Line) (1976–1978)
Lyr. Ilmari Kianto (1909)

Toivo Kuula (1883–1918): Auringon noustessa op. 11 nro 3 (1909)
Lyr. V. A. Koskenniemi (1906)

Jussi Chydenius (1972–): Kesäkantaatti (premiere)
Lyr. poem by Eino Leino, Kesäkantaatti (1917)

I Näky mereltä
II Suomen taru
III Nuori kansa
IV Vanhojen varoitus
V Suvivirsi

Jean Sibelius (1865–1957): Finlandia op. 26 (1899–1900)
Lyr. V. A. Koskenniemi (1940)