The hosting choirs are Cassiopeia, the mixed choir of the Student Union of the University of Oulu, and engineering students’ mixed choir TeeKu.



Cassiopeia is the energetic and youthful mixed choir of the University of Oulu Students’ Union. The choir, active since 1978, has had a varying number of singers ranging from sixty students to a hundred. In recent times, however, the number has set to approximately seventy.

The choir’s artistic activities are extremely wide ranging. However, the May Day and Independence Day concerts form the core of the choir’s yearly schedule. Additionally, Cassiopeia organises a varying number concerts every year. Social activities, such as parties, get-togethers and sports, are also frequently organised within the choir.



Photo: Essi Ranta

TeeKu is the greatest choir of students of technology from Oulu in the world. TeeKu was founded during the Wappu celebrations of 1993. There are approximately 20–30 active singers, about half of which are engineering students and alumni and half study in other faculties. The choir is conducted by Sofia Riippi.

TeeKu’s repertoire mostly consists of easy listening, drinking songs and of course traditional songs of engineering students. One larger thematic concert is held each year, plus a varying amount of smaller concerts such as the annual Wappu concert and graduation ceremonies.

NSSS 2017 Core Team

Janne Kalinainen, Puppet Master

Tuomas Kallio, Grand Marshal

Antti Kananen, Cybermaster

Pasi Keski-Korsu, Chief of Security, +358 456 761 826

Aija Keskiväli, Countess of Coins

Annamari Martinviita, Deputy Puppet Master

Maria Petäjäniemi, Duchess of Social Media

Mira Päätalo, Queen of the Ball

Amanda Tilvis, Mistress of the Scribes

Emmi Tilvis, Princess of Words

Satu Tähtinen, PR Mastermind

Elisa Viljamaa, Mistress of Festivities

Arttu Vilmi, Cassiopeia Chairperson, Keeper of the Messenger Pigeons

Timo Välkky, Quartermaster

Laura Ylitalo, the Original PR Mastermind

Artistic Committee

Kristian Heberg, Artistic Director of the NSSS 2017, Choral Director of Cassiopeia

Jaakko Kuusisto, Artistic Director of Oulu Music Festival and the NSSS 2017 Gala Concert

Kari Turunen, Member of the Artistic Committee, DMus, Choral Director