About the festival itself

What is NSSS?

NSSS stands for Nordic Student Singers’’ Summit (or Nordisk studentsångarstämma in Swedish), and it is a festival for student choirs all over the Nordic countries and the Baltic. It was held for the first time in 1987. NSSS is a continuation of a 19th century tradition, in which Scandinavian student choirs travelled to meet each other, sing and celebrate together.

What will NSSS 2017 be like?

We are expecting dozens of choirs and as much as 1 200 singers. It will be a unique opportunity to get to know choral traditions from the Nordic and Baltic countries, and of course to sing together. Parties, singing, events and new friends – the tenth NSSS will see the celebration of the century!

What does NSSS consist of?

Concerts, rehearsals, a procession, parties, lovely people and a lot of singing! The programme will include a welcoming concert by Cassiopeia (and some friends), a massive gala concert where all the participating choirs will perform, a lavish gala dinner, and concerts for the choirs around Oulu.

What music will be sung in NSSS?

A special work has been commissioned, and it will be performed by all the participating choirs with a symphony orchestra. In addition to this, all choirs have a chance of performing in a concert of their own with some other choirs. For these, the choice of songs is yours! Don’t be shy to show your pride in your roots.

Is there a dress code for the gala dinner?

White tie or dark suit for the gents, and evening dress for the ladies. Suit up!

Can I follow NSSS 2017 in social media?

You can and you should! You will find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/nsss2017oulu. There you will find all the major updates as soon as they are announced. There you can also get into the spirit of NSSS in good time. The hosting choir Cassiopeia can be found on Instagram by the name @cassiopeiachoir and with the hashtag #cassiopeiachoir.


How can I participate?

All choirs who have attended NSSS in previous years have received an invitation by email in October 2015. In addition, other student choirs we know and who haven’t attended have been invited.

We didn’’t get the invite but want to attend. What to do?

If you didn’’t receive an invitation by email, you can send an email to pj@cassiopeia.fi . Be sure to check your spam filter. You are welcome to join us!

How much does it cost?

The exact price is yet to be determined, but we’ll try to keep the costs affordable for students. Previously the attendance has cost about 120 euros, paid partly when signing up and partly just before the festival. The deadlines for the payments will be notified later. Please note that at the moment all signing up is just preliminary and you won’’t have to pay anything yet.

What if we can’’t make it? Is the fee refundable?

We will let you know of all the payment details later on.

Travelling and accommodation


Oulu is located in Northern Finland, about 600 kilometres north of Helsinki. Oulu is a lively student city known especially for its technological know-how. The university and the university of applied sciences also offer plenty of other fields for study. The population of Oulu is over 200,000.

How do I get there?

You can reach Oulu easily by plane, car or by train. From Oulu airport you can get to the city centre quickly by bus. The railway station is conveniently situated in the city centre.

For more travel information, be sure to check out the following links:
For planes: http://www.finnair.com, http://www.norwegian.com
For trains: http://www.vr.fi
For buses: http://www.matkahuolto.fi, http://www.onnibus.fi
For Oulu public transport: http://www.oulunjoukkoliikenne.fi

Where can choirs stay?

There are plenty of options for accommodation. We will provide information on the options and possible discounts for choirs here, but the actual reservations are up to you. The options are designed for varying budgets, from school accommodation to hotels and cabins. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and are glad to help you get the best accommodation for your choir!

Do we need our own bus?

Unfortunately we cannot provide bus transportation for the choirs, so each choir will have to organise their own transportation in Oulu.