Finnish choirs

  1. Akademiska damkören Lyran
  2. Akademiska sångföreningen
  3. Cantus Mercurialis
  4. Cassiopeia
  5. Florakören vid Åbo Akademi
  6. Kaikukuoro
  7. Lappeenrannan Teekkarilaulajat
  8. Oulun Teekkarikuoro TeeKu
  9. Polyteknikkojen Kuoro
  10. Resonanssi
  11. Studentkören Brahe Djäknar
  12. Studentkören Pedavoces
  13. Teekkarikuoro
  14. Turun yliopiston kuoro

Akademiska damkören Lyran


Female Voice Choir Lyran is one of Finland’s top female choirs, conducted by choir director and mezzo-soprano Jutta Seppinen. The student choir represents the University of Helsinki and the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. Founded in 1946, Lyran is a modern and highly accomplished female choir with its roots in the Swedish-speaking Finnish tradition. Rehearsals, concerts, recordings and quartet performances are all examples of the choir’s activities.

Lyran’s repertoire is being continuously developed and extended with commissioned pieces and arrangements created by Finnish and foreign composers, as the 70th anniversary composition Låt mig vara – Anna mun olla by Minna Leinonen, which was created around the singers’ own texts. The choir also takes pride in hiring young soloists and instrumentalists.

Lyran travels extensively and has in recent years performed in, for example, the Nordic countries, Argentina and Belgium. In October 2016, Lyran participated in the Praga Cantat choral competition, and won gold band in categories female choirs and sacred music. The choir is also about more than the music, acting as an important social venue for its members. Lyran aims to take the Finnish female vocal tradition and the Nordic choral sound to new paths without leaving behind its strong musical heritage.

This year Lyran has participated in the Woman of the World Festival in Tampere and we are looking forward to our upcoming concerts in the spring and our co-operation with Ylioppilas Laulajat in the autumn of 2017.

Akademiska sångföreningen

Akademiska Sångföreningen_Nordenturné_ 2016_Emil_Floman

The most pertinent information about The Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki is found directly in its English name, even if the choir officially goes by its Swedish name, Akademiska Sångföreningen, or Akademen for short. As the suggests, the choir works in Swedish, which is one of Finland’s two national languages.

Akademen is a young and lively student choir, with lofty musical ambitions for an amateur ensemble. Though the average singer is only slightly over twenty-one years of age, the choir is the oldest in the country: it was founded in 1838 by German-born Fredrik Pacius, and like many male voice choirs across the Nordics its everyday activities stand firmly rooted in tradition. This mix of old and new – the intertwined themes of continuity and development – is the lodestar of Akademen, and the choir is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of genre when necessary. Most recently this was made manifest in the project Fåglarna (the Birds), which combined plenty of newly commissioned music with the expressive video art of Magnus Wikström.

Besides music, the animating force of any student choir is, of course, a vibrant social life. Akademen is deeply embedded in the student music culture of Finland, and of the capitol of Helsinki in particular – though of course it also enjoys as much travel abroad as possible. The most active and by far most valued collaboration is with our University of Helsinki sister choir, The Academic Female Voice Choir Lyran, but Akademen also frequently works with its brother choirs, such as Brahe Djäknar from Turku or the Finnish-language YL Male Voice Choir, not to discount other musical ensembles such as the Helsinki University Symphony Orchestra (YS).

Since 2008 Akademiska Sångföreningen has been led by DMus Kari Turunen. The well-liked Turunen (b. 1962) is a highly educated choral conductor, having finished his doctoral dissertation from the prestigious Sibelius Academy in 2014 on the topic of early performance practices in 16th-century sacral music. Besides Akademen, Turunen conducts the chamber choir Kampin Laulu (2011-) and the male ensemble Ensemble Petraloysio (2011-), as well as the project choirs Chorus Cantorum Finlandiae (2011-) and Spira Ensemble (2013-). He is also a singer, performing in the vocal group Lumen Valo. In his spare time, Turunen enjoys cricket, English-language literature and Italian red wines.

Cantus Mercurialis

Cantus Mercurialis

Cantus Mercurialis is a mixed student choir of the Turku School of Economics, founded in 1982. Since September 2013 Pekka Nebelung has been our conductor. Our repertoir stretches from cheerful drinking songs and pop music to more traditional music, folksongs and classical music. Although our traditions are strongly linked to the School of Economics, todays singers come from all over the university, some also outside the university.

The choir has participated also in some competitions. In 2015 we received one silver stamp in Tampereen Sävel. Usually our year consists of spring concert, Christmas concert and performances in academic festivities in Turku. This year we celebrate our 35th anniversary so naturally we focus on festivities concerning that.



Cassiopeia is the energetic and youthful mixed choir of the University of Oulu Students’ Union. The choir, active since 1978, has had a varying number of singers ranging from sixty students to a hundred. In recent times, however, the number has set to approximately seventy.

The choir’s artistic activities are extremely wide ranging. However, the May Day and Independence Day concerts form the core of the choir’s yearly schedule. Additionally, Cassiopeia organises a varying number concerts every year. Social activities, such as parties, get-togethers and sports, are also frequently organised within the choir.

kristian-pieniKristian Heberg (b. 1988) began his studies for choral director in the music-oriented senior secondary school of Madetojan musiikkilukio under Markku Jounela and Rauno Rännilä. He has since supplemented his studies in Klemettiopisto under Seppo Murto and Kari Turunen, completing his choral conducting degree in 2009 with top grades. In addition Heberg has studied piano i.a. in Länsi-Pohjan musiikkiopisto. He has also studied musical pedagogy in Oulu University of Applied Sciences, majoring in musical theory and composition.

In addition to Cassiopeia, Heberg is the choral director of Oulu Chamber Choir and Oulun Laulu. He himself sings in different vocal ensembles and male choir Pohjan Laulu, where he also is the deputy director and accompanist. Furthermore, Heberg has sung in several operas and big choir productions, and has been the répétiteur of several other musical productions in Oulu area. As a composer Heberg has completed two children’s ballets and several commissioned pieces. He has representative roles in The Finnish Amateur Musician’s Association and The Finnish Choral Directors’ Association.
A young and innovative director, Heberg actively takes part in Cassiopeia’s planning and development, constantly improving his skills and bringing forth new ideas. In addition to choral music, musicals and musical theatre are close to his heart.

Florakören vid Åbo Akademi


Joukko aktiivisia Åbo Akademin naisopiskelijoita perusti Florakörenin vuonna 1944. Nyt kuorossa on noin 60 aktiivista laulajaa, joista suurin osa opiskelee Åbo Akademissa. Laulajia on myös muista Turun korkeakouluista ja tiensä kuoroon ovat löytäneet myös useat jo työelämässä olevat naiset. Kuoron vakituisena johtajana on vuodesta 1991 lähtien toiminut Ulf Långbacka.

Florakörenin monipuolinen ja vaihteleva ohjelmisto kattaa tyylilajit kansanmusiikista jazziin ja sakraaliin musiikkiin.

Florakören järjestää tasaisin väliajoin omia konsertteja, mutta esiintyy myös yhdessä toisten kuorojen, erityisesti veljeskuoronsa Brahe Djäknarin, kanssa. Jokavuotiset adventtikonsertit Turun tuomiokirkossa ovat tärkeä osa kuoron toimintaa ja perinne tuhansille turkulaisille jo vuodesta 1947 lähtien. Konserttien ohella Florakören järjestää myös kvartettiesityksiä. Kvartetteja voi tilata esiintymään esimerkiksi vuosijuhliin, häihin, hautajaisiin, ristiäisiin, syntymäpäiville ja muihin tilaisuuksiin.

Florakören matkustaa ulkomaille vuosittain. 2015 Florakören matkusti Slovakiaan ja osallistui kuorokilpailuun Bratislava Cantat I, jossa kuoro voitti kultanauhan kahdessa kategoriassa.



Kaikukuoro (in English it means “Echo choir”) is a mixed choir from Oulu, Finland Kaikukuoro sings a cappella songs and the repertoire consists of modern choral music and pop classics arranged for SATB voices. Kaikukuoro was founded in 2009 and the singers have a background from the student choir of Oulu University called Cassiopeia. The choral director for Kaikukuoro is Ilkka Eskelinen and he was also choral director for Cassiopeia during the years 1994-2004. Kaikukuoro has weekly rehearsals and concerts and smaller performances several times a year in the Oulu area.

Lappeenrannan Teekkarilaulajat

lappeenrannan teekkarit

Lappeenrannan Teekkarilaulajat is a male choir established in 1983, consisting of students and alumni of Lappeenranta University of Technology. Throughout its existence, the choir has striven to promote and develop the Karelian student culture and especially its joyful vocal side. The repertoire has varied and expanded over the years, but various serenades, student, drinking and patriotic songs have always been close to the choir’s heart. The choir has also recorded works by Junnu Vainio, Juice Leskinen and Eppu Normaali as well as Christmas songs. Teekkarilaulajat perform in various kinds of occasions all around Finland and is also the most significant organisation wearing a white tie to represent Lappeenranta worldwide.

Oulun Teekkarikuoro TeeKu


TeeKu is the greatest choir of students of technology from Oulu in the world. TeeKu was founded during the Wappu celebrations of 1993. There are approximately 20–30 active singers, about half of which are engineering students and alumni and half study in other faculties. The choir is conducted by Sofia Riippi.

TeeKu’s repertoire mostly consists of easy listening, drinking songs and of course traditional songs of engineering students. One larger thematic concert is held each year, plus a varying amount of smaller concerts such as the annual Wappu concert and graduation ceremonies.

Polyteknikkojen Kuoro

Polyteknikkojen Kuoro

PK (the Polytech Choir) is an academic Finnish male choir renowned for its open-minded attitude to music and life. Consisting of singers from Helsinki University of Technology, the choir draws its strength from its members’ enjoyment of working together and rising to new challenges. PK refuses to compromise over its musical ambition and high standard of performance.

Founded in 1900, the choir is still firmly rooted in Finland’s vibrant National-Romantic tradition of male-choir singing. PK’s a cappella repertoire is mostly made up of different kinds of classical music from the Romantic era to modern music, yet the choir can also entertain its audience with barbershop, pop music and serenades. Every year, the choir has 10-15 performances, including traditional Christmas and spring concerts.

The choir regularly joins forces with leading symphony orchestras both in Finland and on tour abroad. For example, the choir has performed Sibelius’s Kullervo with orchestras such as the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Philharmonia Orchestra of London, and with conductors such as Hannu Lintu, Leif Segerstam, Sakari Oramo, Esa-Pekka Salonen and Jukka-Pekka Saraste. In Finland PK has also sung the choral parts of orchestral masterpieces by Schubert, Strauss, Stravinsky and Shostakovich, among others.

PK is particularly proud of its pioneering work to promote modern male-choir music. Finnish composers have taken the choir to their hearts, and found in it an enthusiastic instrument ready to throw itself unconditionally into their experiments. During the past 20 years, the choir has commissioned and premiered almost 40 new works. Thus, contemporary music has become not only a welcome but also a vital challenge for it.



Resonanssi is the female choir of Lappeenranta University of Technology. The choir was founded by a group of technical student women in 1987 and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. As of today the singers are students and staff members from both LUT and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, studying and working in the fields of engineering, business and health care.

Our choir performs music from genres all across the board with a focus on Finnish folk and student songs as well as contemporary pop music. As Resonanssi hails from Southern Karelia, the area’s traditions regarding music and student culture are valued highly in everything we do. LUT is the only university of technology in Finland that has a female choir and we constantly work towards bringing together women on our campus that share a passion for singing.

Studentkören Brahe Djäknar

Brahe Djäknar

Student choir Brahe Djäknar (BD) was founded in 1937. Its first conductor was M. Mus., later professor, John Rosas. In 1955 the conducting duties were taken over by Gottfrid Gräsbeck, who retired in 1990 and was replaced by Ulf Långbacka. While Långbacka was on administrative leave, the choir was conducted by Martin Segerståle, who composed the opera Henrik ja Noitavasara (2010).

Brahe Djäknar is an active choir, performing concerts in Finland and abroad, making radio and television appearances and recording. The choir collaborates often with other choirs and orchestras. The choir often participates in competitions with great results, such as reaching the finals in Cork International Choral Festival in 2014, and earning two gold stamps in Tampereen sävel in 2009 and 2015. In addition to these, the choir has traveled and performed abroad a lot. The most recent trips have been to Estonia and Ireland (2014), Norway and Italy (2015) and Hungary together with Florakören this year. In 2016 Brahe Djäknar, Florakören, Kongliga Teknologkören and Kungliga Tekniska Högskolans Akademiska Kapell performed Verdi’s Messa di Requiem in Turku and Stockholm.

The choir celebrates its 80th anniversary and will hold a special festive week in Turku in May.

Studentkören Pedavoces



There is a mixed choir singing at Tampere University of Technology that still, after 30 years, makes “technical students proud and everyone else jealous” as was stated in the application advert in 1985. Its name is Teekkarikuoro. Most of the singers are students of technology but the choir of 50 members does include also TUT graduates and people from other academic fields. Johanna Lantto has conducted Teekkarikuoro for ten years and led the choir to release two albums. The recent album Alussa oli insinööri that came out in 2016, takes a humane approach to technology, students of technology and Tampere.

The choir is passionate about music but does not forget to have fun meanwhile. Teekkarikuoro aspires to have a lively tone and a versatile repertoire. The emphasis is on popular music, such as both Finnish and non-Finnish pop and rock but the repertoire also includes more classical choir compositions and folk songs.

Songs made famous by different vocal ensembles have also established their position in the choir’s repertoire. Teekkarikuoro specializes in drinking songs that you can hear for example on their first album Tuopin täydeltä (2009). The album includes both new drinking songs and traditional ones that you can also find in the TUT drinking song book Rasputin.

Teekkarikuoro holds two concerts each year and in addition to that performs in numerous occasions both on the university premises and elsewhere. It is also not uncommon to hear the quartet section of the choir, TeekkariKvartti, performing in different events such as birthday parties, memorial services and company Christmas parties.

Turun yliopiston kuoro



Turun yliopiston kuoro is a mixed choir of seventy or so singers, founded in 1987. The singers are students from all faculties of the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi and Turku Polytechnic. There are also singers who are not students as well as those who have already graduated. Since August 2016 the choir has been conducted by Elisa Huovinen.

The choir performs mainly a cappella works from the renaissance period up to the present day, but songs about the student life and drinking songs form a substantial part of the repertoire as well. The choir holds several concerts per year in Turku, and they have claimed their position as a choir who cherishes the academic song tradition in the University of Turku. Turun yliopiston kuoro has released five albums, one of which has been awarded by YLE.

The choir has participated in many competitions and traveled abroad. The most recent trip was to Berlin in spring 2016, where the choir performed spring themed music to great acclaim. The most recent achievement in competition was a gold stamp in Tampreen sävel 2011. In 2006 the choir won the prizes for best mixed choir and best overall choir in Coleraine International Choral Festival in Ireland.