Danish choirs

  1. Studenter-Sangforeningen


studenter sangföreningen.jpg

Studenter-Sangforeningen (Copenhagen University Choir) is Denmark’s largest and oldest male voice choir, established in 1839. The Choir is the official Copenhagen University Choir, and it performs regularly at university events and ceremonies.

The Choir’s honorary members are HM the Queen of Denmark and HRH the Prince, and it performs at events held by the Royal Family.

The Choir regularly makes concert tours on invitation by Danish embassies, the last two tours went to Berlin and Bucharest.

Studenter-Sangforeningen holds both a large Concert Choir and a smaller Modern Choir.

Our concert in NSSS will show highlights from the musical tradition of the Golden Age and the Romantic National Period (19th century). Notable composers of this era are N.W. Gade, J.P.E: Hartmann, Kuhlau and Heise, who are all represented in the concert programme.