30 years of NSSS

We want to celebrate the 10th NSSS festival by doing something fun and special together with you. It’s amazing how much in common we all have despite the fact that we live in different countries. The force that brings us together is of course music! It’s also amazing that NSSS has brought us all together for 30 years already.

Collection of Shared Memories

IMGP3835 (1).jpgPhoto: @Tartu 2014, Antti Kananen

We want everyone to get involved with collecting old memories and creating new ones. This is how we’ll do it:

  • Send us your dearest and most fun photos. They can be about your choir, the previous NSSS festivals or just the joy of singing in general. Be creative!
  • Send us videos. They can be similar to the photos but we would also love to get your individual views on the topics below (you don’t have to answer all questions and feel free to come up with your own as well). You can video yourself or interview your choir friend.
    • What’s best about singing in a student choir?
    • What’s your favourite song?
    • Describe your idea of the typical student choir member.
    • Describe NSSS (whether you’ve been before or not) – what is it all about?
    • Describe some unique element of your choir: for example choir costume, student cap, people… Why are they the way they are, where do the traditions come from etc.
  • Keep it short and simple, maximum length 1 minute. A regular smart phone video will do just fine, we don’t expect you to set up a proper movie production.
  • The videos can be in English but it would be cool if you could include a greeting in your own language. You can also make the video entirely in your own language. If you do, please add subtitles.

How to Submit

Submit your photos and videos by e-mail to cassiopeiasome@gmail.com either as a link to Google Drive/Dropbox or as an attachment if the file is small enough.

Include a short description of the material when you submit it: name, choir, how long you’ve been singing in the choir etc. depending on what you feel is OK to share on social media and other channels.

Where will the material be used?

The material you send will be used to create our own shared collection of memories which will be available online before, during and after the festival. The material will also be used in our communications channels to reach new audiences and create good vibes about the festival.

Make sure to confirm with all the people in the photos and videos that it is OK to post this material on Facebook, Instagram and on our website.